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G2 Esports nominates Dechelotte, Tribe Gaming announces new investor

Image By: Semper Fortis Esports

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In this week's ESI Digest, G2 Esports nominates Alban Dechelotte, the latest Tribe Gaming investor, Envy Gaming sponsor the World Chase Tag team, Super Fortis Esports's Top Blokes rebranding, and Israel's ESL media rights agreement with The Gaming Channel.

European sports organization G2 Esports has appointed Alban Dechelotte, a former Riot Games, as its new General Manager.

Prior to joining G2 Esports, Dechelotte was head of EMEA's Corporate Business Development and Development at Riot Games. In addition, he has been involved in Coca-Cola Company and Havas Sports and Entertainment France.

Spurs Sports and Entertainment (SS&E), the parent company of NBA team San Antonio Spurs, has invested in a North American sports-based sports club Tribe Gaming.

According to the release, the agreement is designed to open up opportunities for content collaboration, integrated marketing efforts, talent and audience, and shared technology.

North American esports organization Envy Gaming has become a sponsor of the GNF World Chase Tag (WCT) team. As a result of the agreement, the group will change its name to ENVY GNF.

The World Chase Tag is a global league that combines park-based competition in tag game. This includes competitors chasing another player for a set course in an attempt to ‘buy’ and mark them without playing.

K-based sports utility Semper Fortis Esports has transformed its Rocket League team Top Blokes into SMPR.

According to the release, the restructuring is expected to bring the team closer to ‘its difficulties as the organization grows’. SMPR will serve as the official arm of the Super Fortis Esports teams, with its current and future lists operating under the brand.

Esports tournament organizer ESL Gaming has granted special media rights to Israel on The Gaming Channel.

With the rest of 2021, the Gaming Channel will broadcast ESL Pro Tour CS: GO tournaments and ESL Mobile content in Hebrew - the first of ESL Gaming content.

Source: Esports Insider

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